Gucci Mane – Evil Genius Album

Gucci Mane Drops "Evil Genius" Featuring Quavo, Kevin Gates, 21 Savage, & More

Gucci Mane - Evil Genius Album
Gucci Mane – Evil Genius Album

Gucci Mane has been sorely missed. Guwop has been dropping verses on other artists and slowly rolling out his Evil Genius album, but it’s been a while since he blessed up with a new album. The tedious rollout for his latest project only reflects the amount of passion Gucci poured into this project. Just like an evil genius, Gucci locked himself in the lab until his devious plot was fully concocted, and now it has arrived. Last month, Gucci shared the tracklist for Evil which features Migos, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, and more.

Gucci recently entered his name into the best rapper alive argument, and this album will only stoke the flames of that discussion. “Who doper than me like for real? I wanna hear ya’ll tell me, and why,” he declared. “I got a million reasons why I am, why would someone else be better? What they did? Who they help? What they been through? What’s they track record? Do they do what they say? How many hurdles have they jumped? How much opposition do they have? Did they have a cakewalk? Did they do it by themselves? Was they blackballed? Did they have one of they own behind their back when they was doing it? Did they ever break? Did anybody ever take something from them? Did they ever snitch? I’m unblemished.” With Evil Genius fresh in your speakers, do you think he has a point?

01: Gucci Mane – Off the Boat

02: Gucci Mane – By Myself

03: Gucci Mane – BiPolar (feat. Quavo)

04: Gucci Mane – Just Like It (feat. 21 Savage)

05: Gucci Mane – Cold Shoulder (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

06: Gucci Mane – On God

07: Gucci Mane – Father’s Day

08: Gucci Mane – Outta Proportion

09: Gucci Mane – Lost Ya’ll Mind (feat. Quavo)

10: Gucci Mane – I’m Not Goin’ (feat. Kevin Gates)

11: Gucci Mane – Wake Up in the Sky

12: Gucci Mane – Solitaire (feat. Migos & Lil Yachty)

13: Gucci Mane – This the Night

14: Gucci Mane – Mad Russian (feat. Lil Skies)

15: Gucci Mane – Hard Feelings

16: Gucci Mane – Lord

17: Gucci Mane – Money Callin

18: Gucci Mane – Kept Back (feat. Lil Pump)


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