Kanye West Crashes Lil Wayne’s Nightclub Gig In Miami

Kanye West Crashes Lil Wayne's Nightclub Gig In Miami

Kanye West Crashes Lil Wayne’s Nightclub Gig In Miami

As we’ve talked about before, Lil Wayne and Kanye West’s careers have run nearby, and albeit the two men encountered their “bildungs” in an unexpected way, they’ve constantly noticed to one another in a respectful way. Along these lines, it does not shock see them appreciating each other’s company as they did the previous evening at Story Nightclub in Miami.

For Lil Wayne, Miami is his home base, it’s been for years. Any time you see him under strobe lights, it’s in a Miami club. But on this occasion, he and Kanye West were drawn together because of this year’s Art Basel showcase event(s), somehow related to XXXTentacion’s SKINS release party the other night. In the video above, Kanye West can be seen whispering sweet somethings to his buddy, right before he took the stage. Lil Wayne was the scheduled performer on the night.

As you can see in the video below, Weezy did his dang on stage with the all OG Bobby Johnsons in attendance, including Kanye West. If you recall, Kanye West took the stage on Thursday at the aforementioned SKINS release party hosted by XXXTentacion’s mother Cleo Bernard, doubly explained by an appearance on the final draft. The Art World followed suit with posthumous vernissages of their own, to round out the Basel experience in 2018. For one weekend only, Miami Beach was the center of the Universe.


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