Nicki Minaj & Drake UnFollow Each Other On Instagram

Whats really going on ?? this kinda looks suspicious

Somebody who perhaps has somewhat more time staring them in the face than the rest of us has found that Nicki Minaj and Drake Unfollow each other on Instagram. The two came up in the diversion together in Young Money, and are the two most successful Lil Wayne signees. In the wake of exploding onto the scene in 2009-2009, Nicki and Drake both achieved the zenith of pop notoriety in record time. While Drake was flaunting awards, for example, teaming up with Eminem and Jay-Z amid the beginning times of his vocation, Minaj was honored with a judges seat on American Icon. As their notoriety developed, it appeared Nicki and Drake were floating separated. On “Tuscan Leather” Drake notoriously rapped, “Not by any means talkin’ to Nicki, correspondence is breaking.”

Now, it appears the two have stopped following each other. Speculative fans belive it may have something to do with the fact Drake and Meek Mill have made up. The two friends turned enemies, turned friends again, pushed their beef aside and collaborated for the song “Going Bad.” Cardi B is also featured on Meek’s new album, which many believe didn’t go over well with Nicki. Do you think Nicki and Drake had a falling out because of Meek? Or is their apparent unfollowing of each other just an oversight on both their parts? The latter seems unlikely.


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