Video: City Girls – Twerk Ft Cardi B

Cardi B & City Girls Drop Off Ass-Laden Twerk Video

Video: City Girls – Twerk Ft Cardi B

City Girls and Cardi B’s “Twerk” video features enough ass movement to power the windmills of a small rustic village. In fact, the video takes one of hip-hop’s most cherished images and multiplies it, ad-infinitum In fact, the sheer number of twerking asses in this video is nothing short of astounding. Of course, such numbers are to be expected given the song’s title and thematic content. Not to mention, the powers that be decided to issue a global challenge, calling all aspiring twerk aficionados to put their skills to the ultimate test.

The goal is question was to find the world’s greatest “twerker,” and from the conclusion’s shocking display of ass-dexterity, it would appear that gluteus maximus mastery was indeed achieved. Yet there are certainly no shortage of valiant attempts to be found, and many will likely find themselves hypnotized by the sheer volume of gyrating asses onscreen at any given moment.


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