Video: Tyga – Girls Have Fun Ft Rich The Kid & G-Eazy

Video: Tyga – Girls Have Fun Ft Rich The Kid & G-Eazy

There’s a few things you can expect whenever Tyga is dropping a music video. For starters, you know right off the bat that there will be a lot of ass. It’s pretty much a given that Tyga will get like a hundred women to have a twerking challenge in the background of his video. Another thing that’s basically guaranteed with Tyga’s videos is that there will be some sort of party scene. While there’s definitely a formula with T-Raw’s visuals, it works for him. It fits the song’s content and it just meshes perfectly with his brand. In the new video for “Girls Have Fun,” Tyga unleashes yet another wild clip with booty shaking, water, and champagne.

“Girls Have Fun” is the latest single from Tyga after he experienced a major comeback in 2018. Rich The Kid and G-Eazy help him out with guest verses while the three chill in a tropical paradise. The set is lavish with beautiful pools, green grass and beautiful women all over the place.

If you’re new to Tyga videos, this is the norm. You should always expect this sort of content. He’s in love with women and the girls love him back. What do you think of the new video?


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