YG, Tyga and Sneakk Teams Up “Spray” Next Up In The Clubs

New Music: Sneakk - Spray Ft Tyga & YG

YG, Tyga and Sneakk Teams Up “Spray” Next Up In The Clubs

Sneakk, the missing sibling from the SOB x RBE furnish is here to stamp his region with some Big league players. His new single “Splash” is out in select markets like Australia, and island states like Micronesia, until midnight or further notice. In any case, in every way that really matters, “Shower” is prepared for utilization.

Tyga jumps on the record for no reason other than to let us grovel at the thought of carrying his medicine bag. Where Tyga falters as a professor of logic, YG picks up the slack. Tyga and YG are both incredibly astute learners of social behavior, sometimes on a case by case basis. But “Spray” is not about shaking hands with baggage handlers or slimy politicians, but rather an opportunity for all three men, Sneakk included, to stunt on their middle school yearbook photos.

The SOB x RBE is more of a faction than a group, so part-time players like Sneakk are sure to show up unannounced, and the more the merrier. Check out “Spray” featuring Tyga and YG and tell us what you think?


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