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Apple Reportedly To Release A Smaller, More Affordable iPhone In March



Apple Reportedly To Release A Smaller, More Affordable iPhone In March.

This might be the move that makes apple dominate the phone company. In the ongoing war between phone manufacturers — in reality it’s just Apple vs. Samsung — many people proudly take a stance between either being #TeamiPhone or #TeamAndroid. However, Apple’s latest move may reportedly put them in the forefront for those that are looking for the most affordable option.

While many people were geeked off the iPhone 11 Pro unveiling a few months back (seen above), one of those bad boys will run you upwards of $1,000. Well, according to a report from Bloomberg, a “low-cost iPhone” will go into production this February and could be unveiled as early as March 2020. Bloomberg also notes that, if true, it would look similar to the iPhone 8 that was released in 2017 and include a 4.7-inch screen plus Touch ID built into the home button again. For those who were fans of Apple’s Face ID authentication, that will unfortunately be left out of the build for this proposed model. However, reports claim it will operate utilizing the same processor as the Apple iPhone 11. In short, the price will be cheap but the structure and specs will be top notch for the most part. Think of it as the “iPhone SE, Part II.”

Are you looking forward to another iPhone, particularly one that’s more affordable than the high-end iPhones Apple is planning to drop later in 2020? Sound off below in the comments!

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