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Avengers 5: What To Expect



Avengers 5: What To Expect

Owing to record breaking success of the Marvel Avengers End Game, and how the movie ended bags the question will there be Avengers 5?. Marvel had confirmed recently that the fifth installment for the upcoming movie Avengers in works.

There have been delay on the release date due to the on going COVID-19 Pandemic that have hit the entire world and affected the movie industry as a whole.

According to multiple reports suggests that the movie Captain Marvel 2 is expected to play an important role in setting up the background for the next Avenger movie. Which means that ‘Avengers 5’ film will be provided a base through ‘Captain Marvel 2.’ Meaning there will be a crossover from Captain Marvel 2 to Avengers 5. As the ongoing situation persists, Disney also made a comment stating that most of its projects have been delayed. Some of the films that have been affected by the pandemic situation are ‘Black Widow’ and ‘The Eternals.’

Despite the fact the exact role ‘Captain Marvel 2’ will play in the movie is yet to be confirmed. Marvel has, however, informed that the movie will be released in July, 2022.

The crossover between ‘Captain Marvel 2’ to ‘Avengers 5’ is expected to be similar to the kind that of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ there also have been no reports as to who the villain will be. It seems like MODOK will be making the appearance in the upcoming film.

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