B.o.B and T.I. Possibly Working On A Joint Album

B.o.B and T.I. rumoured to be Possibly Working On A Joint Album after revealing he is currently working on three separate albums.

Rapper B.o.B have been absent from the music scene for quite some time now, however the rapper recently revealed he is currently working on three separate albums and with fellow rapper and friend T.I.

The rapper also revealed that the has a joint project with Sonny Digital and a solo album titled Somnia. He made the revelation on XXL’s Moments of Clarity podcast.

In the podcast he said “I’m making like three albums at the same time,” around the 2:00 mark. “I’m working on a project me and Sonny Digital working on an album. I just finished my album, Somnia. I just there’s rumours me and T.I. might be working on an album. I don’t know man. I’m working on a lot of sh*t.”

Arround (1:05:00), B.o.B elaborates on his forthcoming music. “I’m working on a project with Sonny Digital, like a duo project,” he repeats. “I also just finished…my most recent album, Somnia, I just completed that…Music is on the way. Somnia’s on the way. B.o.B x Sonny Digital’s on the way Bobby Digital. And I got a couple more shits up my sleeve. But I got a lot of music though, a lot of music coming.”



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