Blac Chyna Seemingly Announced Pregnancy In A Now deleted Post

Did Blac Chyna Just Announce She's Pregnant?

Did Blac Chyna Just Announce She’s Pregnant?

Blac Chyna is good at keeping people guessing, as she shared a photo of an ultrasound on Instagram.

Blac Chyna who is already a mother of two seemingly just announced to the world that she’s expecting another bundle of joy, posting a photo of an ultrasound on her Instagram page. Although Her caption makes no mention of the baby belonging to her but, owing to the fact that the photo appeared on her personal page, fans are reasonable in interpreting this as her proper announcement.

“Blessed 2020,” she captioned the post, making more interesting the former dancer deleted the post mere moments after posting it. with fans asking who the baby’s father is, if the kid is hers, and more questions that are totally explainable.

Blac Chyna may release an official statement, after clearing up the post to confirm whether or not she’s actually pregnant.


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