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Blackbear – Me N Ur Ghost



Blackbear - Me N Ur Ghost

Blackbear – Me N Ur Ghost Blackbear Flirts With The Supernatural On “Me N Ur Ghost”

“I’m not alone, it’s just me and your ghost,” begins Blackbear, in the song’s opening seconds. “And this crippling depression, I thought I learned my lesson.” As it happens, the singer’s latest is an ode to the ghosts of girlfriends past, highlighting the spirit of the one that got away. True, he did burn her clothes, but perhaps in doing so he inadvertently engaged in a pagan ritual and summoned her ghost in the first place.

Speaking about the song’s creation in a press release, Blackbear claims to have faced the supernatural and lived to tell the tale. “I wrote this song literally about a spirit of my ex that sits in my room in the late hours of 2-4 am,” he explains.

“I tried getting rid of all the belongings I had of her but she still haunts me and all the venues I play at.” While the presence of a lingering ex-girlfriend phantom might be disturbing in theory, if one isn’t averse to a little Swayze-esque ghost luvin’, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

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