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Bryson Tiller to Release A Triple-Disc New Album “Serenity”



Bryson Tiller to Release A Triple-Disc New Album

Bryson Tiller is set to Release A Triple-Disc New Album “Serenity” made of rap, R&B, and pop.

The Kentucky artist is back with a great news for his fans after the successful release of his third studio album Anniversary in October 2020, the singer have revealed his album Serenity which has been in the making for quite a very long time, will be coming out next year.

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The singer also revealed that while working on the album he went into depression and wasn’t in the right frame of mind to finish it. Now that he’s back on track, Tiller plans to work with his label in order to release the album as a triple-disc format with three volumes: rap, R&B, and pop.

Tiller went further to reveal that the only thing holding his projects back is a deal on the business side, which is why Serenity won’t be coming out until next year.


The singer also said the deluxe version of his most recent album is coming out later this month, and he has another album in the works that he plans to release later this year before Serenity.

Watch his announcement below.


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