Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap Album

Chance The Rapper's "Acid Rap" Is Now Streamable 6 Years Later

Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap Album

Chance The Rapper has been out for a better part of the decade now although he hasn’t been releasing a ton of music. When it comes to the Chicago MC, it’s fair to say that he favors quality over quantity and it shows in his music. He’s known for being quite positive in his raps and his Coloring Book mixtape is living proof of that. Before that breakout project, Chance released Acid Rap back in April of 2013 which immediately became a classic amongst hip-hop heads looking for something new and interesting to listen to.

For years, the mixtape wasn’t available on streaming services which was frustrating for fans who just wanted to get their daily dose of Chance. In anticipation for his debut album, Chance has decided to bring both 10 Day and Acid Rap back into the fold. If you got into Chance’s music during the Coloring Book era, Acid Rap will give you a chance to see what the Chicago MC is capable of and just how versatile he is.

You can listen to the full mixtape below.


1. Good Ass Intro
2. Pusha Man
3. Paranoia
4. Cocoa Butter Kisses
5. Juice
6. Lost
7. Everybody’s Something
8. Interlude (That’s Love)
9. Favorite Song
10. NaNa
11. Smoke Again
12. Acid Rain
13. Chain Smoker
14. Everything’s Good (Good Ass Outro)



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