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Davido excited as Hit Single “Fall” Sets new Record in USA



Davido Sets new Record in USA

Awarding winning Nigerian Afro-Pop Star Davido expressed his excitement as Hit Single “Fall” Sets a new Record in USA.

Davido’s 2017 hits single “Fall” becomes a certified gold in the United state of America there by creating a new record of becoming the first African solo singer to ever achieve such.

Few days ago same song was certified gold in Canada, the singer predicted US will be next and obviously his prediction has come to past.

Davido took to his twitter page to make the announcement of his latest achievement. He tweeted I PREDICTED THIS COUPLE DAYS AGO ! ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏‡บ๏‡ธ๏†๏†๏†๏†๏†๏†!! FALL IS NOW CERTIFIED GOLD IN THE โ€˜USA !!!!! THEY LAUGHED AT ME BUT I DID IT FIRST !!

In other news The Singer has announced his next studio album will be released july will feature guest appearances from New York-based rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Source: HNN

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