Drake Pays Tribute To Late Pop Smoke

Alot of rappers from the hip hop community have been paying their respect to Pop Smoke.

Following the tragic death of the “Christopher Walking” Also known as Pop Smoke, alot of tributes have pouring out on the social media from the hiphop community today, one of the Tributes came from Drake who shared his respect dispite the fact that its unclear if the two knew each other, In the wake of the tragic event Drake issued a message on his instagram page paying respect to the late rapper.

Drake shared this “Sit by some good energy tonight in these unwelcoming times,”. “Be with some good people and express how grateful you are for whatever it is you have… RIP POP.” his Instagram Story

The Inceident Which took place on the early hours of wednesday was ruled by the police as a home invasion, TMZ reported that four masked men broke into the rapper’s home and fired shots at Pop Smoke, leaving him with critical wounds. The rapper was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Late rapper’s debut album titled Meet The Woo 2 launched to number 7 on the Billboard 200.

others from the hip hop commuinty to pay tributes to the late rapper includes Nicki Minaj, meek mill and 50 Cents


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