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Eminem’s Team Teases New Song With Rihanna



Eminem's Team Teases New Song With Rihanna

Eminem’s Team Teases New Song With Rihanna

Arguably the biggest song of his career, Eminem may be inching toward an official continuation for “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna.

Fans from Eminem’s wide-ranging fanbase have found clues of a potential new collaboration between both mega-stars, which have been co-signed by high-ranking members of the Rihanna Navy, that seemingly point to another sequel coming up.


Em’s marketing affiliate, Burn It Down Group, recently shared an image teasing the collaboration with the rapper’s reversed “E” logo meshing with Rihanna’s “R” branding, which was prominent at the time of the song’s original release. While this may not mean that the new track has anything to do with “Love The Way You Lie,” or the fact that there is a new song at all, people are hyped about the possibility of these two forces working together again.

As pointed out by HHNM, Burn It Down Group has still been a major factor in Eminem’s career. They were one of the first to hint that Music To Be Murdered By was on the way, noting that it was “Eminem Season” two months prior to the release. If we’re going solely based on this information, this could mean that, in two months’ time, we’re going to be blessed with another banger from Em and Rih.


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