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Fivio Foreign Responds to Assault on Pregnant GF: “My Mother [Would] Kill Me”



Fivio Foreign Denies Assaulting Pregnant GF

Fivio Foreign Responds to Assault on Pregnant GF

Recall The New York rapper Fivio Foreign was arrested and taken into custody on charges of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend and soon, accusations of domestic violence began to circulate throughout social media. Fivio’s girlfriend, Jasmine, came forward to say that their “nosy” neighbor was responsible for the altercation escalating, and the rapper didn’t do anything wrong. Fivio has broken his silence about the incident and echoed Jasmine’s sentiments as he denied he laid a hand on his girlfriend.

“I appreciate y’all support and concerns and prayers… But I ain’t Neva hide nuffin I do or deny who I was,” Fivio Foreign tweeted on Friday (October 16). “I wud neva hurt or harm any pregnant woman especially not my GF. My mother wud kill me, plus I’m raise’n 2 blacc lil gurls. & Woman do everything for me in my life.”

“In relationships people argue and have disagreements, Whoeva kno is kno we been argue’n we argue & we Weill always argue,” the rapper continued. “It’s juss unfortunate dat I have nosy ass neighbors who can’t mind dey own business. Wasn’t da 1st Tyme and won’t b da last. Im loud rich blacc and I have a past so people judge but we will get past dis.. We get thru everything we go thru. We family.”

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