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Jhene Aiko – P*SSY FAIRY (OTW)



Jhene Aiko - P*SSY FAIRY (OTW)

Jhene Aiko – P*SSY FAIRY (OTW) Jhene Aiko Releases New Song & Video ‘P*SSY FAIRY (OTW)’

‘Triggered’ singer Jhene Aiko is certain to trigger a few raised eyebrows in response to her latest single, ‘P*ssy Fairy.’

Turning her freak meter to its highest reading yet, the 31-year-old boasts about her bedroom prowess on the NSFW-tune like never before:

“Don’t be surprised, boy, when I buss it wide / I hypnotize you with this p-ssy / Now you feel like you can fly,” she sings. “We be getting so loud / That d*ck make my soul smile / That d*ck make me so damn proud.”

Jhene Aiko put out her single ‘None Of Your Concern‘ with Big Sean back in November which should set up her album for an early 2020 release nicely. Tonight, she’s back with another new song and visual.

It’s called ‘P*SY FAIRY (OTW)’. Not only has she dropped the song and video (directed by Brandon Parker), but there’s also a dance choreography video that you can watch separately. Below you can watch both videos.

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1 Comment

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