“Joker 2” is confirmed With Joaquin Phoenix returning in the Sequel

“Joker 2” is Confirmed With Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix Returning in the sequel.

After the Massive success of the Movie Joker, the producers will return with a sequel.

The Joker broke and created alot of records at the box office as it collected over 1 billion dollars, making it the highest grossing R-rated film in history. The Movie also went on to grab the Oscars not only for the best film but also for the best actor Joaquin Phoenix who played the role of Joker.

Warner Bros made alot of profits from the movie as it only cost $60 million to make. Warner Bros is all set to release the sequel of the movie in the hope of making more money and giving fans a few more moments of jaw-dropping entertainment.

According to reports the movie Joker 2 is in works at Warner Bros with Todd Phillips as the movie director. As reports suggest Warner Bros will go with Phoenix for the upcoming sequel. Owing to his award winning acting. It is still unclear how Phillips’s involvement with Joker franchise will affect the upcoming movie as he wanted to portray Joker as a villain in the first movie. However, it seems people liked the idea of mentally abused kid better.

It is unclear when Joker 2 will go into production and its release date as there is no official statement from Warner Bros. However, insider reports suggest that Joker 2 might hit theatres somewhere around October 2021.



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