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Kanye West Drops New Music ‘Nah Nah Nah’ – Listen



Kanye West Nah Nah Nah

Listen to Kanye West New Music Nah Nah Nah

Rapper and singer Kanye West is out today with the release of a New single called ‘Nah Nah Nah’. The rapper is feeling good owing to the fact that he is getting Votes from people in Kenturky.

Kanye said In his own words, he’s energised by it and has decided to release new music to celebrate the moment. Although the new song has a great beat it sounded like a freestyle and isn’t getting much Buzz from Social media.

The visual is Joaquin Buckley’s creative KO win over Impa Kasanganay this past weekend that many are calling the best in UFC history. It went viral on social media and Ye clearly saw it and is a fan. There’s a scene from Star Wars Episode III in there too.

Listen to the new song below

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