Kevin Gates – I’m Him Album

Kevin Gates Is His Imperial Majesty On "I'm Him"

Kevin Gates – I’m Him Album

Kevin Gates – I’m Him Album

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has delivered his sophomore studio album, I’m Him (His Imperial Majesty). Back in May, Gates dropped off his acclaimed EP Only the Generals Gon Understand and over the summer, he released two singles from I’m Him including “Push It” and “Facts.” Once again Gates steps out with no features and shares his “signature soul-baring street rap and pain-inspired melodies” as he hopes to present himself as an artist who has undergone a transformational maturation process.

“I’m watching Kevin Gates grow,” Gates said of himself, speaking in the third person. “I’m proud of it. He’s starting not to make excuses. He’s starting to hold himself accountable. I’m proud of him. It took a little longer then it took for most people. Women mature faster than men, but I’m proud of him.”

If you ask who Gates who “Him” is, he spells it out in rhymes. “I am H.I.M. I am H.I.M. ‘His imperial majesty/ big timer, Benz driver, bread winner anatomy!’ Yeah. H.I.M. I’m Him. His imperial majesty. I’m Him. Without a doubt or contradiction and with all due respect, ain’t gonna be no killing, without no killing. Yes sir. With all due respect.” Give Gates’s latest a few spins and let us know what you think.


1. RBS Intro
2. Icebox
3. By My Lonely
4. Bags
5. Facts
6. Fatal Attraction
7. Say It Twice
8. Walls Talking
9. Let It Go
10. Face Down
11. Push It
12. Have You Ever
13. Pretend
14. What I Like
15. Funny How
16. Betta for You
17. Fly Again



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