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Lil Baby Quits Doing Features Excerpt its Worth It



Lil Baby Quits Doing Features

Lil Baby Quits Doing Features says his no longer Doing guest Features Excerpt its Worth It.

The talented Atlanta rapper is at the peak of his career, bagging multiple features from fellow artist. Obviously causing the rapper to boss up and takes after the footsteps of veterans in the industry, the likes of Jay-Z, Diddy and a list of others who have upgraded into strong businessmen.

Owing to the fact that the 25 year old rapper have been gaining massive attention and reception. The rapper No longer needs to rely on other artists to get paid, Lil Baby is is now on the verge of cooling off a little when it comes to feature verses. As a matter of fact, he seems to be willing to drop features altogether unless the pay is worth it.

Taking to twitter the rapper announces that he would no longer be working on other people’s songs unless the pay is right.

“Ain doing no more features unless it’s worth it, i got tooo many,” twitted Lil Baby.

The award winning rapper has already had an exciting year, after the release of his album My Turn which debuted #1 album. Today, he also guest featured on new songs with Future and Polo G for their albums. Rightfully so, he has done a ton of features in the last little while so taking a break probably isn’t a bad idea.

From the time being, you can expect to hear him only on his own records.

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