Pop Smoke’s Murder Investigation Slowed by Coronavirus

Pop Smoke’s Murder Investigation Slowed as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic along with many other cases.

The late rapper was shot and killed in Los Angeles early this year, its been months since the incident and the police are yet solve the case. Pop Smoke’s Murder Investigation slowed due to COVID-19 which have mounted pressure to law enforcement in the Los Angeles area.

According Reports from TMZ, due to the coronavirus the LAPD resources have been deviated to response to COVID-19 case and its related issues the past couple of months making it difficult for the detectives.

Though detectives have been able to investigate the case, the amount of time and resources available for police to find Pop Smoke’s killer has created problems for them to solve the case.

However, the detectives still find time to investigate, and try to go out and safely speak face-to-face with people in an attempt to gather evidence … but that’s been a challenge already in this case.

With Pop Smoke’s posthumous album due out in June, detectives and investigators are hoping that this might lead people to speak out and help them find new leads on their case.

We’ll keep you updated regarding Pop Smoke’s murder investigation.



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