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Music: Phora – Cupid’s Curse Feat. Kehlani



Phora Cupid's Curse Feat. Kehlani

Listen to Phora Cupid’s Curse Feat. Kehlani

Phora is out today with the release of a new single called Cupid’s Curse Featuring singer Kehlani. The R&B track spins the tales of love that jumps from hot to cold and them back again.

In the song “Cupid’s Curse” both artist lamented on the joy of being in love with someone, but how agonizing the pain is when love goes wrong.

Phora shared on Instagram that he holds “Cupid’s Curse” close to his chest. “So proud of this song!!!” the rapper said. “Wrote this from such a deep and personal place in my heart.” Stream amd listen to the track below

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