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NASA Discover Evidence Of A Parallel Universe



NASA Discover Evidence Of A Parallel Universe

NASA Scientists Discover Possible evidence Of A Parallel Universe where time runs backward

There have series of theories relating to the multiverse and parallel universe in the past. However Recent discoveries by NASA shows evidence of an alternate universe where time runs backwards.

According to The New York Post, NASA scientists may have discovered a parallel universe where the rules of physics on our earth completely don’t apply. This discovery was made after NASA conducted a cosmic ray experiment. This led them to find particles that they said could possibly been created in the Big Bang.

They used ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna) that was carried through a balloon where they found high-energy particles coming down from space. Apparently, they also detected high energy particles, tau neutrinos, that were coming up from Earth.

This led the scientist to believe they may have found evidence suggesting a parallel universe exists. However not much emphasis have been given to this, as scientists have shown skepticism surrounding the discovery.

Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham said the only real possibility of the tau neutrino’s behavior is if it passed through Earth first and turned into a different particle before changing back again. “Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis,” he said. Another scientist also studying the case by the name Ibrahim Safa said “We’re left with the most exciting or most boring possibilities,”

If this is true, the most simple explanation is that two universes were created during the Big Bang 13.8B years ago. The one we’re living in and the other one where time is running backward.

Source: New York Post

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