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Nicki Minaj & Husband Gets Into Heated Argument With Meek Mill In LA Store



Nicki Minaj & Husband Gets Into Heated Argument With Meek Mill In LA Store.

Clearly, there are some unresolved issues between Nicki and Meek as the TMZ footage shows them calling each other names across the store.

While the exact reason for the dispute is unknown, some of the words exchanged can be made out in the video… and they’re not nice ones. Nicki shouts, “Shut up bitch”, presumably at Meek. Kenneth taunts Meek that “she ain’t talking to you no more” and calls him a “pvssy”, to which Meek retorts, “You pvssy,n****!”

Meek was reportedly travelling with a pack of ten people, while the married couple was on their own. In the video, Meek is seen being held back by his own security and employees of the store, which seems to have prevented any hands from being thrown. He is then escorted out of the store as the shouting continues.

New Jersey rapper, Retch, happened to be an innocent bystander in this incident. He posted a photo of himself and Meek in Maxfield, complimenting him for being a “real down to earth dude.” It was Retch’s lucky day because he then had the chance to meet Nicki, but their encounter had a rough start because Nicki thought Retch belonged to Meek’s crew. After clearing things up, Nicki ditched the hostility and agreed to take a selfie with Retch.

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