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Plies – The Real Testament II Mixtape



Plies - The Real Testament II Mixtape

Plies Speaks Holy Truths On “The Real Testament II”

Years removed from his 2007 debut album The Real Testament, Plies has decided to take a nostalgic voyage back to a simpler time. Now, however, he’s older and wiser. The game he’s picked up in those lesson-filled years has proven invaluable. Take one simple look at his Instagram for validation; this man has been a guiding light for aspiring young macks and hustlers, a preacher to those in need of a strong friend. In honor of the road thus traveled, Plies has bestowed The Real Testament II upon his congregation.

Clocking in at a respectable seventeen tracks, with lone features from Jackboy and YK Osiris, the old-school flavored tape finds Plies in fine form. Fans of southern hip-hop should find plenty to love here, especially given Plies’ contribution to the culture. While it’s unlikely this one will lead to any new converts, it’s always nice to see a hip-hop vet continue to put in work, right down to its grassroots method of release.

01. Plies – Hot Wire [Prod. By TNTXD] (2:48 )

02. Plies – Yea Yea [Prod. By YungLan] (2:55 )

03. Plies – I Want Money [Prod. By TNTXD, Jetson & 1stClass] (3:11 )

04. Plies – Christian Lou Lou (Feat. Jack Boy) [Prod. By HajSlid] (3:21 )

05. Plies – Just Keep It Real [Prod. By TNTXD & Bankhead] (3:23 )

06. Plies – Don’t Ask (Feat. Yk Osiris) (4:16 )

07. Plies – Flaggin [Prod. By Cheezebeatz] (2:21 )

08. Plies – Everybody Ain’t Ya Friend [Prod. By TNTXD & DMac (3:45 )

09. Plies – Mop [Prod. By TNTXD] (2:28 )

10. Plies – Don’t Fold (2:35 )

11. Plies – PLT [Prod. By Dreek Beatz] (2:22 )

12. Plies – Bread [Prod. By TNTXD & Trapman 23] (3:40 )

13. Plies – Heart [Prod. By Dreek Beatz] (2:51 )

14. Plies – Lately [Prod. By TNTXD & SpeakerBangerz] (3:15 )

15. Plies – Wrong Or Right [Prod. By TNTXD, Tago & Malik] (3:11 )

16. Plies – Broke [Prod. By TNTXD & Tago] (3:09 )

17. Plies – I’m A Legend [Prod. By Dreek Beatz & G9] (3:36 )

Check out The Real Testament II right here, right now.

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