Hackers Threaten To Leak President Donald Trump’s “Dirty Laundry”

Hackers Threaten To Release President Donald Trump’s “Dirty Laundry” stolen from entertainment law firm and demands a ransom of $42 million to keep quiet.

A group of hackers who claim to have dirty secrets of the president U.S. have threatened to leak them if a ransom of $42 million is not paid by the end of next week.

In the ransom note shared by the hackers reads “The next person we’ll be publishing is Donald Trump,” “There’s an election race going on, and we found a ton of dirty laundry. And to you voters, we can let you know that after such a publication, you certainly don’t want to see him as president.”

The hacker group which goes by the name REvil is reportedly the same group that stole data from Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sack, an entertainment firm that represents Lady Gaga, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Mary J. Blige, Ella Mai, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey.

In an interview with NBC News the Firm said “Despite our substantial investment in state-of-the-art technology security, foreign cyberterrorists have hacked into our network and are demanding $42 million as ransom”. “We are working directly with federal law enforcement and continue to work around the clock with the world’s leading experts to address this situation.”

The group of hackers have threatened that the information on Donald Trump’s “Dirty Laundry” will be leaked continuously, starting with the “most harmless information.”

The White House has yet to respond to the threats.


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