Rihanna Becomes The 3rd Richest Musician In UK: Full List

The Singer and Song writer Rihanna becomes the 3rd Richest Musician In UK After relocating To London Last Year.

Rihanna now among the top ranking richest musician in UK according to the annual list of its wealthiest music stars. Although the singer hasn’t released any new music in the past few years, she is still, first and foremost, a musical artist, and it turns out, one of the richest in the country.

Reports from Britain’s Sunday Times, ranks Rihanna the 3rd Richest Musician on the UK’s annual list of its wealthiest music stars, her first inclusion in the rankings since this move to London last year.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Paul McCartney, tied at No. 1 each with a net worth of £800 million, approximately $985 million USD. Rihanna sits on the third spot with a net worth of £468 million, approximately $576 million USD.

The 3rd Richest Musician In UK

However Rihanna’s wealth comes largely from the sales from her Fenty fashion and lingerie brands and her Fenty Beauty line. Robert Watts who compiled the list speculates that next year, the list will look a little different due to the current state of the music industry as a result of the pandemic.

He said “The cancellations of tours and the pulling of albums mean it will be a thin year,”. “We expect most artists’ earnings to flatline but not for them to necessarily lose money, because the bulk of their wealth is already earned and safely in their bank accounts.”

Check out the full list of the UK’s Wealthiest Music Stars below

1. Lord Lloyd-Webber — £800m
1. Sir Paul McCartney — £800m
3. Rihanna — £800m
4. Sir Elton John — £360m
5. Sir Mick Jagger — £285m
6. Olivia and Dhani Harrison — £270m
6. Keith Richards £270m
8. Sir Ringo Starr — £260m
9. Michael Flatley — £206m
10.Ed Sheeran — £200m
10. Sir Rod Stewart — £200m
10. Sting— £200m


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