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Sony Officially Confirms Date For PS5 Showcase



Sony Confirms Date For PS5 Showcase

Sony Officially Confirms Date For PS5 Showcase

Sony has adamantly teased the PlayStation 5 for months now, and it looks like the time is nearly among us.

The tech giant has prepared its rival products to compete against the XBox Series X and Series S, just in time for the Black Friday/Christmas/ever-lasting quarantine rush. Wednesday at 1 PM (PDT), the company is set to hold a 40-minute showcase, detailing news among Sony’s first-party game studios and its third-party partners.

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While sensational drips of information have leaked ahead of the showcase, including Sony’s apparent intent to produce two separate models of the console at two different price-points, technological specification potentially making it worth the upgrade has yet to come to the mainstream circle.

In addition to unveiling the functionality of the console, Sony is expected to announce its price(s) and release date(s).

All eyes are especially open to see if the company plans to match, undercut, or exceed the relatively bare-bones price tag of $299 USD placed on the XBox Series S.

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After having already opened pre-registration for preorders of the console, Sony seems confident it can deliver upon its own hype as they provide “one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!)” This coming Wednesday.

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