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The Batman Movie: Release Date, Storyline, Cast And Other Updates



The Batman Movie

The Batman Movie: Release Date, Plot/Storyline, Cast And Every Other Updates So far on the Upcoming DC Movie.

The Batman is taking a movie noir at Bruce Wayne. Currently, the Gotham city will be getting an additional variation of its hero. There have actually been several details on the new film. Robert Pattinson will certainly be this moment reincarnating the famous superhero. Fans are thrilled about the new movie, and also below are all the details on the upcoming movie.

The Batman: Release Date?
The Movie is Set to launch on 25 June 2021. This will certainly be the initial solo Batman film in nine years. The Batman will certainly come just before James Gunn’s Suicide Team reboot, which is due out on August 6, 2021.

The Batman: Cast
In the Movie, Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman/Bruce Wayne. Also, Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright, that is playing Commissioner Gordon, after that Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as the Riddler, Colin Farrell as The Penguin and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth.

In addition to them, John Turturro will certainly be playing mob boss Carmine Falcone, and Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson. There are also several other figures joining the actors.

The Batman: Storyline
According to the reports, the film will be taking hints from The Lengthy Halloween, a popular Batman comic collection that entailed the Dark Knight tracking down a villain.

The Batman Will Have Not Just One Villain
Since this moment the Batman, Robert Pattinson is a lot more vibrant than the previous on-screen character who thought the task of Batman. There’s a solid possibility that we will certainly return in time and view how the dark knight adapts to his injury from his individuals’ death. It would certainly be a remarkable watch real to develop.

Matt Reeves has approved an intelligent choice as also in one of the most recent Joker film we had the option to explore the jokester sovereign’s story and what made him the dim leader of Gotham. So this moment similarly we might regard what happens in this adventure of Bruce Wayne till he comes to be Batman.

This expedition will be a remarkable one and also the followers need to stand up until the section opens up in the cinematic globe.

The Batman: Is the trailer out yet?

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Rapper Snow Billy Claims Legendary DJ Kay Slay Died Of AIDS




DJ Kay Slay Allegedly Died Of AIDS

A former friend of DJ Kay Slay is spreading a very disturbing rumor about him – saying that he knows what truly killed the legendary NYC DJ. This former friend is telling people on Clubhouse that Kay Slay “died of AIDS.”

Snow Billy, is a former friend of Kay Slay and NYC rapper who once managed Tekashi 6ix9ine. He went on Clubhouse yesterday and told his listeners, “DJ/rapper Kay Slay had full blown AIDS.”

Officially, Kay Slay’s family released a statement at the time of his death – saying that the legendary DJ passed away after a long bout of Covid-19. The family did not reveal any other comorbidity that may have contributed to his death.

We are not able to confirm the veracity of Snow Billy’s statements – and it doesn’t appear that he has any evidence to back up his claims either.

But even without any evidence, Snow Billy’s ‘AIDS’ rumor is spreading like wildfire all over social media.

Listen to the hundreds of people on Clubhouse discussing the rumor that Snow Billy started. We’re not posting the audio here, because it contains a lot of bad language, and many questionable assertions.

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Texas Man Punched In The Face After Telling Child To Be Quiet At A Restaurant




<>Man Punched In The Face After Telling Child To Be Quiet At A Restaurant

According to reports gathered A Texas man was punched in the face by a parent after he reportedly told their child to “be quiet” at a taco restaurant.

The Brownsville Police Department is currently searching for a man who punched the reported victim on Easter Sunday at the Taco de Marcelos restaurant.

In a statement, police said: “the male subject got up from the table and started assaulting another customer. The male subject then exited the location and left the area.”

“The only other detail we can release is that the victim told the suspect’s child to be quiet because they were trying to eat. And the subject got mad and went over there and started punching the victim.”

The suspect is reportedly still on the loose and no one has come forward with his identity

Investigator Martin Sandoval said the victim had “a couple of bruises” but appeared to be fine despite the unexpected attack. In a video clip provided by police, the suspect appears to be a white male wearing a red T-shirt, black shorts, and sneakers.

However, the public has not reached out to the police about the suspect’s identity.

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DaBaby “Shot Home Intruder in the Leg” at North Carolina Estate




According to reports circulating the internet, there was a shooting at DaBaby’s estate in North Carolina earlier today and DaBaby was home when the incident happened.

Around 7:45 p.m. on April 14th, Troutman Police officers went to the home on Stillwater Road after receiving a call about a shooting at the rapper’s estate. When officers arrived, they found a person with a gunshot wound that was not life-threatening to their “lower extremities,” Troutman Police Chief Josh Watson told The Charlotte Observer.

DaBaby was inside the home at the time of the shooting, Watson said, adding that the person was shot on the football field outside of the home. The identity of the injured person was not revealed.

TMZ now reports citing law enforcement sources that DaBaby was the one who shot the intruder. The rapper reportedly exchanged words with the person and soon after shot him in the leg. DaBaby then called 911 and has been cooperative with cops.

WSOC TV reports that someone called 911 and told the dispatcher, “I shot him in his leg.”

“OK. And why did you do that?” the dispatcher asked.

“He’s trespassing on my property,” the man told the dispatcher. “(Inaudible) about my name. I don’t know what he’s here for. What he’s here to take. What he’s here to do. He’s neutralized until you guys get here.”

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