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Tshego Calls out Cassper Nyovest For Not Paying Him For His Music



Tshego Calls out Cassper Nyovest

Tshego is angry at Cassper Nyovest and calls him out For using his music without Paying Him.

Tshego and Cassper Nyovest beef reignited as Tshego claims Cassper have not paid him a cent for his music he released when he was under Cassper’s label Family Tree.

Although there was no formal record of a signed deal between Tshego and the label Family Tree, he still on rage over unpaid royalties.

Earlier, it was reported that DJ Sumbody is allegedly suing Cassper on fraud charges. Not long after that Tshego took to his twitter account to also indirectly accuse Cassper Nyovest for not paying the money due to him for his songs namely “Henessey, Garden, The Vibe, Tell Em Say, So High, Dem Ah Wind, etc.”

Tshego also revealed he is taking Cassper Nyovest to court and expresses his believes that he will win. Saying that all the nonsense will stop when he wins. “Been fighting a very silent legal battle. And when I win this case on Monday the humble sh*t stops.” He tweeted.

In related News Cassper took to twitter to responds to the claims that DJ Sumbody has sued him,

“They can keep writing about me every week!!! It has never worked and it will never work!!! Keep typing ni**as!!!! Type until your fingers are blue!!!”

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