Watch: Sean Kingston Detained As The LAPD Searched For Guns

Sean Kingston Detained & Searched For Guns By Police

Struggle Soldier Sean Kingston Detained & Released By Cops who Searched for Gun.

Sean Kingston was detained by The LAPD, following a 911 Call, and was searched for gun possession before ultimately releasing him.

Police arrived at around 8:15pm and stopped Sean Kingston outside a Dino’s Chicken & Burgers in Los Angeles on Saturday night, after the officers got a call that a male was brandishing a firearm at the fast food establishment.

The officers ordered at least one man to the ground before handcuffing Sean and leading him to the squad car. However, he was ultimately released after getting questioned, as law enforcement officials were unable to find anything compromising on his person.

Despite the fact this is the LAPD’s official account of the events that went down, an eyewitness at the scene tells a different story of how things transpired. The observer claims that Sean’s car was blocking the exit in the parking lot, making it impossible for anyone to leave the premises. Which made other patrons angry and he returned bavk at them by throwing ice cubes at the glass windows of the restaurant, creating a loud noise.

However Whatever the case may be, Sean is a free man, which is good news for fans who are looking forward to his collaborative album with former Patriots wide receiver turned rapper, Antonio Brown. The two of them dropped the first single, “Bad Decisions,” off the upcoming album last month.



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