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When will Moana 2 Be Released on Disney?



Moana 2

When will Moana 2 Be Released on Disney?

The Movie “Moana” an American 3D animated adventure was released back in 2016 in the music genre. It was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 56th Disney animated feature film.

Moana turned out to be a huge success, and also fans favourite. So viewers are looking so forward to its sequel.

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So, as always, let’s take a quick RECAP of Moana for former fans and a quick introduction for the newcomers!

Moana” was released on November 23, 2016. Ron Clements and John Musker directed this movie. This animated movie was produced by Osnat Shurer and proved to be a commercial success. The movie had a budget of around $175 million and grossed more than $690 million at the box office.

The viewers very much liked the movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Hence fans are excited to know when they will get to see a sequel and what will it be about. So here are all recent updates about “Moana 2”.

Moana 2 Release date

Since the original movie was a great success, we are expecting a sequel to it. But there is no official release date announced for next season. Moreover, there is no confirmation about the development of the movie by the filmmakers. Nevertheless, we are expecting that in the coming few years we will get to know more about the release of the sequel.

The musical adventure film received optimistic reviews from fans as well as critics. Not only animations, but vocal cast and music were also highly appreciated by the fans.

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Though there is not much information out yet about the release of the movie, there are rumors that Disney is in conversation with The Rock and Auli’i both. This news brings a sigh of relief for those who are eagerly awaiting Moana’s adventures in the sequel.

Cast of Moana 2

There is no announcement as such about the release of the sequel yet. So much about the cast cannot be said. In the original movie, we saw Auli’i Cravalho voiced Moana, and Dwayne Johnson voiced Maui. Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Jemaine Clement, Alan Tudyk were also part of this 3D animated movie.

Plot of Moana

In the original film released by Walt Disney Pictures, we saw that the lead character returns home after many adventures. So we are expecting that the sequel will find its way from there.

“Moana”, the 56th animated film by Disney was nominated for many awards and won the title for The Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards of 2017.

In the end, all we can say is that the development of Moana 2 seems to be slow. In addition, the sequel seems to be unavoidable at the same time.

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