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Yajarrah Released Her First Single “West End”



Yajarrah “West End”

Decatur, Georgia born upcoming Singer Yajarrah Paul Comes through with the release of her first single titled “West End”

“West End” is a beautiful alternative R&B/Pop fusion produced by Grammy winner Ismael Cancel (iLe/Calle 13), and Zacchae’us Paul (recording artist/producer), that talks about being insecure, yet understanding and overcoming hardships by letting things be. The inspiration behind the song came from a past relationship of Yajarrah’s life and a phrase her friend used to say, which the artist used to begin the song with: “‘Cause I’m ugly when I tell you that I’m not pretty.”

“I had a friend who would always say she’s ugly and I told her to stop saying that or she will be for real. You want to always tell yourself good things. However, that triggered the notion of being insecure, which tied into my situation of feeling insecure in a relationship I was in at the time,” Yajarrah says.

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The name “West End” comes from an area in Atlanta on the west side where the person Yajarrah was dating lived. She would take the train to the West End Station after work to hang out with him, and he would pick her up from the station and later take her back.

Things didn’t work out for the two, and as a result, the chorus of the song was born: “Tell me if I come too fast off the train where you left me back in West End.”

“I felt like we might have rushed things and we were both pretty insecure about where we both stood in each other’s lives. I also felt like we both were just so excited to have each other but never took the time to understand each other better. In a way we lost control,” Yajarrah added, explaining her thought process and inspiration behind this beautiful and vulnerable masterpiece.

Listen to Yajarrah “West End” Below

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